AmeriTeach aims to provide a pleasurable training experience. Enjoy complimentary continental breakfast, coffee, soda, juice and an afternoon snack. Wireless internet access is available.

Unless otherwise noted, class times are 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Satisfaction Guaranteed

AmeriTeach strives to always provide our students with the best training. If you are unsatisfied with your class for any reason you can resit the class at no additional cost.
ITIL® Training

ITIL® classes are offered by Auslyn Group, ITIL® ATO/Affiliate and Knowledge Toolworks, ITIL® ATO/Affiliate
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What our customers say about us...

AmeriTeach Facility Testimonials

AmeriTeach facilities and salespeople went out of their way to make this a good experience.

I very much appreciate the efforts on my behalf from your IT staff to assist my low-vision issues.

I like the virtual server setup on the client machines

Excellent as always.

Great class, very informative

The classroom was laid out well

This is my first time at AmeriTeach. I was pleasantly surprised to find a PC for everyone enrolled in the class. I was expecting a lecture type of environment with limited hands on. That was not what I found however. I would definitely attend more classes here. The content was very helpful and has helped prepare us for the coming upgrade of all of our reporting to this product.

Very nice facility.

Very nice food area setup and selection. Easy parking, driving.

The snacks and drinks were very nice.

Very Nice!

This place is great!

classroom was fun and comfortable

Great comfortable seats!

Comfortable, great snacks and drinks!

Excellent environment

excellent setup and atmosphere

Chairs very comfortable

Good refreshments!

Ameriteach is outstanding as always.

Comfortable environment. Equipment worked well.

nice venue

Great facilities

Nice chairs!

Nice facilities.

Great environment. Enjoyed being here.

Instructor Testimonials

Great instructor - gave the important information the attention it deserved while moving through the more esoteric topics with due speed to keep proper pacing.

He makes everything easy to understand and really explains things in detail.

The instructor has a rare talent of being able to describe concepts in a very clear and concise form.

very good instructor...good sense of humor and brings much real world experience to the classroom

great teacher.

AWESOME guy who was VERY helpful with ANY questions anyone in the class may have had.

We couldn't stump him re: course related material. Highly knowledgeable. Took time to give us thorough, working definitions of key concepts.

Great instructor. Really appreciated instructors ability to add real-world experiences. 

The instructor was great. very knowledgeable. great personality. energetic, good humor. I enjoyed the morning review sessions.


Very good job! Thanks for this!

Great instructor. Went through material at a good pace to match the knowledge of participants, then did more advanced material based on the progress of the class.

He was very willing to explain content. Was very knowledgeable of the course material. Very easy to understand and follow.

Was able to keep the class focused even when participants tried to go off track.

Very Personable and Helpful

I would enjoy taking other courses with this instructor.

Very professional and knowledgeable instructor. Thank you for such a great job

The instructor's examples were better than the one provided in the text, easier to relate to.

very good at explaining complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way, using his visual tools well. His pace was good for this course as it was not too fast.

Very very easy to understand. Answered all questions asked. Related all application work to real-life scenarios.

Instructor's real world knowledge was beneficial to the class. 

I enjoyed the class, and felt that the instructor had a great knowledge of the subject, and was very interested in assisting students with applying his knowledge to individual situations and requirements....Good Job!

Enjoyed the class and instructor!

Instructor was very helpful and willing to take questions.

Allowed actual problem questions to be discussed, and offered advice where applicable. Did a good job accommodating the varying skill levels.

Very knowledgeable

Great Instructor

Great sense of Humor !

One of the best instructor's I have ever had.

She was able to communicate complex topics in a manner that made them easier to understand. Having this talent is rare and she should be recognized for her unique abilities

I was really pleased with this class. Even though I have very limited programming experience and the background, I almost never felt that I am behind - because the instructions were great and clear enough for me to follow. Thank you! I might turn from tester into programmer!

Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about subject.

Great knowledge

Concise and to the point!

Good instructor. Inspired asking questions.

Really made learning this fun, and kept the pace so wasn't boring. Great knowledge, along with his other related subject matter. Highly recommended

[The instructor] was very helpful and sat down with me and went over a script I was having problems with a script for work and he fixed it WITH me! Now I know where I went wrong and can fix it myself in the future.

Very good instructor who went out his way to solicit questions and provided good information on information indirectly related to subject matter

Very knowledgeable, very thorough.

[The instructor's] knowledge and experience were a definite plus. He explained subjects clearly and had a deep understanding of the software functionality. I would gladly take a future course from him.