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SharePoint 2010 Designer

Course 8511: Three days; Instructor-Led


Upgrade your skills to SharePoint Designer 2010!

Target Audience/Who should attend:

Anyone that has been and will be working with SharePoint Designer to make changes to SharePoint sites.

What you will learn:

How to navigate and use the new Ribbon interface, what changes have been made to the actions and conditions of workflows, how to build external content types, and how to modify Out Of the Box Workflows.


Understanding of SharePoint site elements (Lists, Libraries, Content Types, etc)

Delivery Method:

Instructor Lead


Overview (16 minutes)

Changes (18 minutes)

  Lesson: Changes


         List of 2010 Changes

         Why Use Designer?


User Interface (140 minutes)

  Lesson: User Interface




  Lab: SharePoint Designer Interface (45 minutes)

         Explore new interface of SharePoint Designer

         Review new work areas of Designer

         Browse Site Pages

         Browse Master Pages

         Browse Lists and Libraries

         Browse Workflows

         Browse Content Types

         Browse Data Sources

         Browse Entities

         Explore Site Structure

  Lab: SharePoint Designer (Basics) (45 minutes)

         Create a new site

         Create a new page

         Create a new master page

         Attach a master page

         Create a list

         Change list settings

         Create Content Type

         Create/Modify CSS

  Lab: SharePoint Designer (Basics) (30 minutes)


         Add Web Parts

         Add Web Part Zone

         Adding Images (_images directory)

         Reset to Site Definition

Data Views (78 minutes)

  Lesson: DataSources and DataViews



  Lab: DataViews (60 minutes)

         Create/Manage Data Views

         Create/Manage Data Sources

         Merge Two Data Sources

         Link Two Data Sources

         Data View Parameters

o    External Content Types (76 minutes)

  Lesson: Business Connectivity Services

         What is BCS?

         External Content Types

  Lab: External Content Types (60 minutes)

         Explore External Content Types

         Create a new External Content Type


 Workflows (221 minutes)

  Lesson: Workflows

         Out of Box Workflows

         Out of Box Conditions

         Out of Box Actions

         Site/Global Workflows

  Lab: BuiltInActivities (2007) (60 minutes)

         Use one of each Built-In Activity (2007)

  Lab: BuiltInActivities (2010) (45 minutes)

         Use one of each Built-In Activity (2010)

  Lab: LoopingWorkflow (30 minutes)

         Create a looping set of workflows

  Lab: ReusableWorkflows (30 minutes)

         Reusable Workflows (Site/Global)

  Lab: ModifyOOBWorkflow (30 minutes)

         Modify Out Of Box Workflows






For more information call 720.346.1710 or visit:

7800 E. Dorado Place, Greenwood Village, CO 80111