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Help Desk Support: WeCare

Customer Service Program


"Our people loved it.  They were into it.  They're using it.  It was beyond our expectations!"

--Help Desk Manager of a 1,000+ employee organization

Our exceptionally effective interpersonal relations model is applied to the unique worlds of help desk support and technical support. Based on the premise that understanding how stress affects relating behaviors is key to exceptional technical customer service and problem-solving, participants learn to:

  • stay balanced as a technical service provider;

  • regain balance quickly when stress takes its toll; and

  • recognize customers’ stress patterns and invite them to regain balance in order to participate in bringing an issue to resolution

Participants also learn how to apply four key steps to effective customer interactions within the help desk environment. The program is called “We Care” because the expectation of an internal or external customer is that the help desk support person will sincerely care about them while bringing their issue to resolution. We teach help desk personnel how to do that consistently.


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"When you experience this program, you appreciate its power."


FACILITATOR WHO HAS BEEN THERE: Your facilitator has a background in technology and training technical and help desk personnel.  Credible.  “Engaging for techies."


FLEXIBLE DELIVERY: We conduct our programs customized to your situation and scheduled at your site or our training facility to fit the needs of your organization and people.